Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Stay Away From These!

This is to inform everyone of a couple of Internet sources I suggest everyone stay away from. They are.....http://affiliatejunktion.com and http://ipower.com

The reason being is listed below:

First of all affiliatejunktion say's it's free to join but will suck you into getting hosting with the company named ipower hosting. They also tell you that they will create a web site for you after setting up your hosting account, which they do not do. As for ipower, well here is my experience with them. I created an account and paid there fees. I had to upload my own affiliate junktion files and also I setup a couple of scripts that ipower offered. After having problems with server load time on my site I contacted support though email. Kept getting response that they were aware of the problem and was trying to fix it.......which they never have. If you try and call and talk to a human being you will be kept on hold FOREVER with no one ever coming online. I guess this is there way of hoping that you will get tired of waiting and hang up. I am still in the process of trying to get my money back but probably will not. This has been going on now for three weeks with no changes.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Who I Am!

About Me!
JANUARY 01, 2008 12:06PM

By: William Neideffer

Hello, my name is William Neideffer and I am the Founder & CEO of CTTW INC. Also I am the owner/webmaster of several traffic exchanges plus numerous other online entrepreneur web sites. This will be a brief history about me in general and where and what I have accomplished in my life. I will try and make this as short as possible. I am 54 years old and have numerous certificates in a variety of different fields. I was born in the farmlands of East Central Indiana and spent the first twenty some years going to school there and farming. I became a State licensed radio and antenna electronic technician in 1972 and worked as an electronic tech and farmed until 1977 at which time I moved to Texas. For the first few years I continued work as a technician in the consumer line of home electronics. In 1983 I got into Satellite Communications & Cable Head-ends. Also this is the time I built my own home pc and started working with the Internet. After some of the downfalls that life can bestow upon us, I went to work for a local University in the Thermal Nuclear Fusion Research Center as a Microwave and High Vacuum Technician. I continued to work there until the project was shut down in the early 90's. For a short time afterwards I did some farm work and bench work again in consumer electronics. In 1998 I went back to work for the same University as a Machinist. I programmed and operated a computerized numerical controlled machine and made all kinds of parts and devices for the Fusion Research Center. In early July of this year (2007) after eleven and a half years at this University I was terminated due to political and supervisor differences. This just shows you that after many years of dedication and merit awards that most people in the work force today are just peons. When it comes down to the big boys or you the top dogs most always win leaving you out in the cold. I am now the President and CEO of CTTW INC. This company offers numerous services to companies and the general public. Some of their services are Antique Tractor Repair and Restoration. Electronic Design and Repair. Alternative Energy Research and Design. Web Hosting and Internet Marketing. Well I hope this has not been too boring and has answered any questions about me and our site. To you and yours I wish all the best that life has to offer.

My Certificates:

*Certified Electronic Technician
*Certified High Vacuum Tech
*ASE Certified Mechanic
*Master Antenna Installer
*CNC Programmer/Operator
*Internet Owner/Webmaster
*Research and Developer Specialist

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